S. Kuhar


I came in contact with the company in February this year with a desire to work in Switzerland. With the help of Mrs. Iris Stähli's my  desire in a few months came true.. Mrs. Iris I patiently answered all my questions and gave me a very accurate guides  through all the procedures that have to be carried out before I can get a job. I must point out that  Mrs. Iris as well, answering e-mail and advised me that I haven't encountered anywhere on any obstacle. My experience of collaboration with the company's more than positive and make recommendations to anyone who decides to work in health care in Switzerland, to refer to the mentioned company. They say that every startis difficult, even start for a stranger in a foreign country, but with the help of the company's Personal Stähli it wasn’t. My sincere thanks to the company and Mrs. Stähli Iris, guidance, and all the actions that are carried out for me. Thank you that I can work with you and thanks to realize my dream of working and living in Switzerland.

My sincere thanks.

 Sandra Kuhar

B. Pouh

For Staehli Personal I first found out when my wife has given me website address.  What attracted me is the fact that the website is designed in Slovenian language. I filled out the form on the website and it really was not long after I got a call from Switzerland. I have to say that the services Staehli Personal are high quality, discrete and accurate. Nothing left to chance and candidate for the job to promote it on its path to the desired employment. The owner is a very nice lady, but most considered that their service brings so to speak, to your home.  I have visited her twice in Celje and after the first meeting, I was almost 100% sure that my employment in Switzerland can not escape. For the first impression it was phenomenal. Discretion, hour meeting, the feeling of precision and quality. This feeling this is not a scam. From the first meeting to employment in Switzerland, in the opinion it passed less than 5 months. But not the fault of the Personal Staehli, but I myself sometimes react too late, when it was necessary to send some documents. Otherwise, until the desired job even came quite quickly.

In short, all candidates, professional colleagues and  who had decided to look for work in Switzerland, I recommend to turn to employment agencies Staehli personal, because in addition to those finding jobs still offer full support in settling administrative matters, which It brings a new job and a new country.

I can only say this: Thank you, Mrs. Staehle, I will forever remain your debtor.

Borut Pouh, graduated male nurse

N. Poglonik


During looking for a job in Switzerland, I was browsing on the internet traced website and attract me because of its simplicity and transparency. I filled out the form and the next day impressed, already became answered by Mrs Stähli.

I was acquainted with all the details in connection with their assistance regarding employment in Switzerland. We agreed to meet in Celje. At the meeting, we set out the entire procedure and submitted all the necessary instructions and she prepared a list of necessary documents to go to Switzerland. Our meeting has left on me a very positive impression.


My translated and certified documentation she submitted to the department for approval education. After the endorsement she started with finding a suitable job for me. Soon she agreed to my first experimental day, she arranged for me free room to stay and she submitted all the necessary information for the urban transport (tram bus), with which I have arriwed at experimental day. Through the entire process she informed me of any updates.


When I got a positive response regarding my employment, she edited all the necessary insurance, employment contract, monthly ticket for public transport and the entire documentation for obtaining a working visa. Without any payment or remuneration from me Mrs. Stähli edited all the channels that were necessary to obtain employment in Switzerland.


For all her help and support I am her sincerely grateful.


Natalija Poglonik

N. Kugonic

My experience with Stählipersonal 

In July 2014 I discovered an interesting advertisement in the newspapers about employment as a nurse in Switzerland. Previously I was employed for a limited time as a nurse in the hospital of Celje, where in general I was satisfied with the working conditions and the atmosphere. But I just wanted to bring something new in my life. I had a big desire to try something new. And just because of my curiosity I had decided to apply to this advertisement. On the same day, I got feedback from Mrs Stähli. We set an appointment for an interview within ten days in Celje.


Immediately I was very impressed by Mrs. Stähli as a person. On the appointment she explained the working conditions in Switzerland. She was very friendly to me and explained everything what is important to know, especially that I would fulfill the requirements set by both the hospital and the immigration office.

She also pointed out that everything she does is for me free of charge. She asked me, where I want to work and I told her, that I don’t wanted to work in a big city but in a small city with nature nearby and I expressed my desire to work in a hospital, preferably on surgery. She considered all my desires.


After the interview I organised the translation from Slovenian into German of the obligatory documents requested. When I finally got the confirmation of the SRK, everything went really fast. Mrs Stähli organized an interview for me in the surgical department of the Kantonspital Glarus at the end of October.  A week later I got the answer that I got a job in Glarus and I could start to work in a month. From the first day on in December 2014 I have been very satisfied with the job. I love the job, working conditions, employees, the environment in which I live and Switzerland in general.

And the biggest gratitude goes to Mrs Stähli. She was a great support in every situation, explained me all the important things. I could always rely on her, no matter what I had asked her for. In short, if she hadn’t been, I would not be in Switzerland, would not be experiencing what I experience now. I would like to mention that in return, she didn’t receive any payment for her outstanding support.


Therefore, if you want to change your life and gain new experiences, then Mrs Stähli is exactly the person you are looking for. And if you do not try, you will never find out! I have not even once regretted the decision to start this unforgettable life experience. I can just recommend: Do it!


Nika Kugonič

T. Debeljak


Moving abroad- certainly a topic, which is now faced by more and more people in Slovenia. Especially young people, who want to be creative, competitive and practice the profession for which they studied. Not only to work in the profession, but also to pursue that profession in some optimal conditions. Conditions which allow the individual to function skillfully during and after working hours, work which is well organized and offers promotion and  the possibility of good cooperation between staff. Unfortunately, such jobs in Slovenia are really rare and the state of economy is getting threw the years worse, and becouse of all that, I'm also one of them, who have decided to leave the country.

Of course, in souch decisions you are facing a lot of questions in your head.  The first question ist usually WHY, but becouse I allready answerd it, lets move to even more essential questions.  WHERE and HOW? Despite the rich selection of jobs abroad, a wide variety of employers and job mediators, in my case in the field of healthcare, si everybody aware that you cannot go abroad "overnight", and that you have to regulate certain matters, covering especially the so-called bureaucracy. And in those cases, the main role is played by the job mediators.

My decision for work in Switzerland was mostly influenced by mediator- Mrs. Stähli. I found the advertisement, for the work in Switzerland, in the newspaper. After writing the first e-mail, I was already surprised at the very quick response from her side. And so it all began. In the response e-mail, she had presented herself and she gave me the essential informations about the job's offers and the conditions about the work. Because all the conditions and the expectations were satisfied from both sides, we had settled in a period of 14 days for the first introductory meeting. It was also really important for me, as a work seeking person a possibility of a personal meeting. Let me refer to it, that Mrs. Stähli travels regularly to Slovenia also for this purpose.

With the experience of the introductory meeting and presentation I was extremely pleased. Mrs. Stähli presented not only different jobs in the healthcare field  in Switzerland, but she also presented me life in Switzerland. We discused a variety of topics, ranging from the basic issues that are important for foreigners in Switzerland to the notorious Swiss wages, economy,   banking system, etc. Mrs.Stähli gave me in the initial meeting a very comprehensive picture of the work and life in Switzerland. I also have to expose one fact. Most of job mediators require for initial and further editing payment. From Mrs. Stähli's side were all activities free of charge. I have to say, that really all her matters which she managed were complimentary. Here I am not inclining only on all the necessary documents which had to be settled, but I have in mind also matters such as finding the place to stay, arranging basic health insurance and various other consultancys with its sites that have concerned me directly before going to Switzerland.  Let me also mention, that before leaving the country, I had many problems with German language. The reason lies first and foremost in the fact that I've never taught German as a school subject. With Mrs. Stähli help, many problems were facilitated. The first fact is, that she really speaks good slovenian language. So we made the first discussions in my-mother language. And than later, she offered me help by improving my german with e-mail texting, just about everyday things, desires, goals, scenarios of the day, etc, and she corrected my grammatical failures. And she made this also for free. Of course, months before departure I was actively learning german with the expert, but this correspondence by E-mail gave also benefits.

Cooperation with Mrs. Stähli was always pleasant. From the first contact on and all the way to the performance of the job. Throughout the whole process of cooperation Mrs. Stähli had proved herself  to be extremely responsible and capable job  mediator. I would like to expose one more quality. During the cooperation, she always handled all the arrangements and the information which she gave to me, were never proved false or incorrect. During the cooperation I never felt, as it happens in different situations, that I'm somehow beeing exploited. Also, the time expiry of the whole action was really short. If I assume that I established the first contact with Mrs. Stähli towards the end of May and I began to work in Switzerland on 18 August, I can confidently say that everything was done and organized on a very high level. Even after entering the service, especially in the early days, Mrs. Stähli supported me with advices and assistance in  different ways. I am extremely pleased by the fact, that even now, when there are already a couple of successful months in Switzerland behind me, we are still in contact and she is always  prepared to help, whatever the nature of the problem may be.

And how should I finish? Moving abroad, in my case in Switzerland, proved for me, to be one of the best decisions that I have made. Despite the fact, that I'm separated from my parents, relatives and friends, which play an important part in my life, I am extremely happy here. The job, working conditions, work organization, education opportunities, promotion, a way of life have proved in these couple months to be extremely good. All this has not only confirmed, but even exceeded the information given by Mrs. Stähli and with it, also my expectations. Of course you need to know, that in order to move to a foreign country, you require some courage, personal motivation and above all perseverance, and that you are going to encounter problems, different fears and dilemmas, which is of course perfectly normal and human. After all, the change of the environment, society, culture and the consequent adjustment and integration into a new place, are extremely important factors, which we can not just simply ignore and overlook. Of course, if you look at those things with a bit of will and a positive view, they quickly turn in your  favor and make the whole picture even more interesting and varied. I will simply say, for those who want new challenges, knowledge and experiences, I can definitely recommend Mrs. Stähli, because she is really good and trustworthy job mediator and will guide you from the beginning to the end of the route and you are probably going, like me, see the world from yet another new view.