Personnel placement in healthcare

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Be assured that optimal clarification of expectations and needs by both sides leads to a valuable and satisfying cooperation. This professionalism combined with personal values set us apart. Many years of experience in hospitals, in particular the long-term care sector, ensure that our knowledge and expertise are applied valuably and successfully to your advantage – a benefit you can count on!


Searching for a dream job?

You already have your dream job but would like to explore a new perspective or challenge? You are a Registered Nurse (RN, EU Directive 2005/36) or Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN)?


Then you are exactly who we are looking for...

Experience and feedback from our applicants

We established our agency on September 1st, 2014. Enjoy reading the case studies provided by our candidates from the EU region, who were able to find employment in Switzerland through stählipersonal.



Draw on our expertise

Qualifications, versatile skills and stringent quality standards in conjunction with one objective - help you to find the right colleague or institution.


You can always count on us...